Safe Schools Summit 2014

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Available Workshops*

1. Building A GSA  Ever wanted to create a GSA, but don't know where to begin? Learn in how in this workshop along with some fun activities!

2. Gender Identity 101 This workshop helps clear up any confusion over gender identity and expression. Learn about these topics and the gender spectrum through creative activities.

3. LGBT 101 Get educated on LGBT terminology to avoid miscommunication amongst your LGBT peers. Learn about these terms through interactive activities!

4. Anti-Oppression STOP! Oppression ends here. Learn to identify forms of oppression along with how to combat agents and break the status quo with interactive scenarios and hands-on activities.

5. Ally 101 Allies needed! Learn what allies do and why they are really important to LGBTQ community with a number of small interactive educational activities. Join us!

6. LGBT History In this workshop, the attendee will learn a brief history of the LGBT community including struggles and important milestone events. This will be done through PowerPoint, diagrams, videos, and activities.

Free Trolley and Bus Day Pass:

All students who wish to use the trolley and bus to attend the event will receive a full reimbursement for a day pass. Day passes are $5 each. The reimbursement will be received at the event. Be sure to check below that you wish to be reimbursed. Bus schedule is located on the page following registration.